London, Ontario, Canada

Sadly the 2018-2019 Country Dance Season was our last No more dances are planned.

Thank you for your support over all the years!


What is country dancing? - English country dancing is a popular dance form today, both in the U.K. and in North America, although its roots are in 17th and 18th Century England. Some of the dances are energetic, simple dances from the countryside, while others are more elegant dances from a stately court setting. Some were danced several hundred years ago, while others are contemporary compositions, based on original styles and figures. The dances are social in nature, and can be danced in longways sets, circles, trios or squares. You do not need to bring a dance partner with you, as you will be changing partners frequently during the evening. There is a lot of interaction during the dances, so it is a great way to meet and dance with others in a friendly environment. For information visit Alan Winston's page "What is English Country Dancing".

Visit the
Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS)
an organization which helps to preserve traditional English and American folk music, dance and song.

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