Dance Websites

Country Dance and Song Society

Ontario - Regular dances
Note: These dances all feature live music. All dances are taught and you need not come with a partner.
Regular rotation of partners is encouraged. Please bring clean shoes and comfortable shoes and clothes.

Hamilton - Hamilton Contra Dancers and Hamilton Contra Dancers on Facebook

Ottawa - Old Sod Folk Music Society (Contra dances)

Ottawa - Ottawa English Country Dance Club

Owen Sound - Offical Fiddlefern web page

Peterborough - Peterborough English Country Dancers

Port Dover - Norfolk Country Dancers

Toronto - Toronto English Country Dancers

Toronto - Irish Ceili and Set dancing

Toronto - Toronto Country Dancers

Toronto - Olde Tyme Square Dance Callers' Association

Toronto - Traditional Social Dance Calendar

Windsor - English Country Dancing in Windsor


Ann Arbor Traditional Music & Dance - AACTMAD

Michigan English & Contra Dances

Vintage Dance - classes, workshops, balls

New York State

Queen City Dancers (Buffalo)

Contra dance bands


Relative Harmony

Irish Ceili dances

Toronto Area - Irish Ceili and Set Dances

Kitchener/Waterloo - Friends of the Irish Culture

Scottish Country dances

Kitchener-Waterloo Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

London Royal Scottish Country Dance Society


The Dance Gypsy

DancingThread.CA - Tom and Myra's helpful webpage

Ontario Council of Folk Festivals

Ottawa Folklore Centre

SCA Music and Dance Homepage

Ted Crane's excellent dance database

TheaterSeatStore - Theater, Dance & Music: A Guide to the Performing Arts
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