The most recent CDs can be ordered or downloaded from CD Baby. Earlier recordings are trickier, but not impossible to get. E-mail me about them. ian.bell@sympatico.ca

As a freelance broadcaster I have written and presented features for CBC Radio:

I have appeared as a guest on:

Festivals I have played at either as a solo or with Muddy York or The Dawnbreakers

Folk Clubs I have played at include:

I have also presented concerts and special programs at many museums and historic sites including:

In 1993 I was Folk Artist In Residence at the Joseph Schneider Haus Museum in Kitchener. During this year I researched and presented musical traditions of Waterloo County, focusing on the shape-note singing traditions of the area. My work there included the production of a recording and the presentation of a concert of this music as well as the creation of an exhibit on the subject.

In museum and historic site settings I can present thematic concerts of historical music on period instruments. This can be done in costume if appropriate. Topics include:

Special Duo Concerts with Other Artists

"I'm Not Making Any Of This Up!" - Ian Bell and James Gordon
In this special concert, Ian is joined by James Gordon. James is well known for his many years with the group Tamarack and for his songwriting contributions to CBC's "Basic Black" and "Ontario Morning" programs. Between them, these two have collected or written songs about some of the strangest occurrences and personalities to have come out of Ontario during the last 6,000 or so years, and they both swear up and down that they're all true. This is a unique opportunity to see two of Canada's best storytellers and quirkiest songwriters pass the ball back and forth for an evening. During the course of the show they also use a small mountain of instruments to accompany each other - guitars, accordions, mandolins, banjo, fiddle, harmonica, whistle and on really special nights - an antique nose flute. This is a really fun show. Both artists are known for their work on CBC Radio.

"A Ramble Through Persephone Township" - Ian Bell and Dan Needles
Dan Needles is a writer for Harrowsmith Magazine, but is best known as the author of the phenomenally popular "Wingfield Farm" plays, which have been performed across Canada by actor Rod Beattie. Dan is also a spectacular raconteur himself. In this concert, he and Ian trade stories and songs dealing with life in rural Ontario. Many of Dan's hilarious monologues focus on the landscape and characters he grew up with as well as his life as a part time farmer today. "Wingfield" fans will recognize the origins of parts of the plays in many of these tales. This is like an entertaining late night jaw-wag around a southern Ontario kitchen table. A really special evening for anyone, this show is particularly resonant in rural areas.

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